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Leave of Absence
  • Leave of absence will be granted by the principal for serious reasons and only with a prior written application signed by the parents. This should be entered or marked on the leave-absence record page of the school diary which has to be signed by the parents or guardian.
  • Leave for social or any other functions must be avoided as far as possible. If leave more than one day is taken, then the parents should follow up the school studies missed by their son/daughters.
  • A student who has been absent from school without express permission must bring his/her parents to meet the Principal to join classes further. If it is not followed by the parents, then the students will not be allowed to enter his/her classroom.
  • In illness of more than two days, the Principal must be informed by letter regarding the magnitude of the illness. A medical certificate must be produced so that the concerned class teacher is aware of the health condition of his/her students.
  • All students ought to attend classes on the reopening day of the school after summer and winter vacations.
  • Repeated absence without prior permission for more than 15 days renders the students liable to have his/her name struck off the rolls. Re-admission will be made only, if re-admission fee is paid in the school office.
  • Re-admission will include payment of the school fees for the months of that school year retrospectively.
  • Student who frequently come late are likely to be detained or sent home. The school does not have any excuse for such students.

Above all the school discourages late attendance. Parents are advised to inculcate the habit of coming early to school to drop their children.