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Principal’s Message
PRINCIPAL MESSAGE (2022 - Till Today)

Greetings to you!

CKC Academy Jhansi is making an effort to offer a rich academic and co-curricular program. The management and teachers work hard to help students get ready for their future education and career decisions. This is only peripheral.

In depth, my dear parents and well-wishers, our main focus for our students is to "humanize" them completely. The lack of empathy for human feelings, which occurs as we become more self-centered, is clearly becoming more prevalent in today's culture. Making "Good Human citizens" of our students is the aim of this institution.

As a result, our commitment pushes us toward the convergence of an education system that is centered on the students. We help students develop intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. We start to recognize students' distinctiveness and personality. We begin to understand the individuality of the students and their uniqueness. We give shape to their future. Therefore, what drives us to create a good human in the world is not professionalism but rather our "Teachers' Mission".

I owe the Most Rev. Peter Parapullil (Bishop of Jhansi), the President and Chairman of the School, a huge debt of gratitude for his guidance and graces. He is the backbone of CKC Academy. I'm grateful to Rev. Fr. Christudas, the Manager of our school, who gives us all motivation and support. I also thank Rev. Fr. Ronald Urban D'Souza for taking the institution forward since its days of inception. I humbly thank my teachers for working together and participating in activities to improve the school alongside me. Thanks to the grounds staff for their dedication to maintain the campus's cleanliness. Lastly, I acknowledge the contribution and effort of the parents and guardians toward inculcating an integrative spirit in their children, thereby enabling them to feel at home among us.

" May God Bless You All "
Rev. Fr. Sahaya Nathan (Principal) CKC ACADEMY, JHANSI